What British iconic actresses Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin flaunted in their heyday is now a trend of the 2019s and is literally blooming like never before! Yes, it is the STRAW BAGS that I will be talking about in today’s post. It is definitely one of the biggest accessory trends of this spring summer. For the uninitiated, the mention of straw bags & straw baskets brings to mind the vision of a bulky, woven bag that one may carry to a beach, for a picnic or to a marketplace. But for any fashionista today, a straw bag spells trend, style & sophistication. And 2019 is the year when this trend is breaking grounds. Not only are the bags back, but they have also captured the imagination among those in the high ranks of style and fashion. Notable designers have spun the practical construction to be appropriate even in the absence of sundresses and flip-flops. The woven bags are made in all shapes and sizes, bearing names of coveted brands around the globe. And most importantly these bags are slowly gaining traction from celebrities and social media influencers alike. So does that explain why I am analyzing this trend today 🙂

If you were to look at the history of these bags, you will note that bags woven out of rattan, straw, jute, cane or raffia, among others, are nothing new. The practice is said to be done in as early as the ancient Egyptian civilization. But it is only recently that this style of bag has caught the attention & fancy of accessory designers & brands all over the world and who are now lashing out better, updated, contemporary versions of these bags that can easily be styled for everyday looks without being confined to picnics, beaches or travel alone! And the options are literally countless….There’s a straw bag for any fashion taste and style, from rounded to the tote, from the basket to the classic oversize design. It is only about what style & design inspires you the most. Embracing the straw bag trend has never been easier thanks to the multiple variations available online and in almost all top retails outlets. For me, the pick of the season is this cute, round, small size, woven Shein straw bag that really elevates my summer look to another level. Today I bring to you three distinct looks that I wore recently with this stunning straw bag which is as wearable in a city as it is on the beach. What I love about this bag is it’s structure coupled with the tan leather embellished button and strap which make it look chic, stylish & trendy. So here are some style inspirations for you with this versatile straw bag:

Look 1



| Straw Bag: Shein |

Some of my other favorite Straw Bags are listed below:

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H&M Black Round paper straw handbag

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