A good pair of jeans is all it takes to make your day look bright & confident! If they fit you right, you feel like a million bucks. So is the reason why a classic pair of jeans never goes out of style. And so is the reason why clothing manufacturers, designers, labels & brands all over the world are working seamlessly to give us better & updated versions of this evergreen classic. And the time is just about right to say goodbye to the once so popular pair of skinny denim jeans which have ruled the denim chart since generations. Undoubtedly it hugs all your curves and gives a figure flattering fit but there is no denying that it can tend to get sticky and uncomfortable too. Today I bring to you 5 styles of denim that can easily replace your skinny jeans at any time of the day. Also if you are a person who is constantly driven by the latest trends and innovations, it is time you updated your wardrobe with these new age classic & modern versions of your oldest closet friend–The Denim Jeans!


Straight Leg Jeans: Levis (Similar here)

It is one the most effortless of denim styles! It’s easy, comfortable & most convenient to work & play with. For me, a straight leg jeans works most of the times when I am not wearing my skinny pair. A perfect go-to majority of the times when I wish to keep is simple & classic! Needless to say, my wardrobe is stuffed with countless straight leg denims. Also this style flatters almost all body types & shapes.


Mom Fit Jeans: Benetton (Similar here & here)

No pair of denim speaks of greater comfort or maximum laid-back style than a mom jeans. These are most casual and give you a very relaxed, easy-going & a carefree vibe. They could be regular or cropped but are mainly high-waisted, loose & comfortable in built. Though not very popular in India, mom & boyfriend jeans are a big rage in the west! But the trend is certainly catching up in India too.


Boot-Cut/ Flare Jeans: Trends (Similar here & here)

Back from the retro age with a bang! I am a big fan of flare jeans since it is a great way off adding a few inches to my short height. Though I prefer to wear these on slightly fancier occasions, it is very easy to dress this style of denim up or down! Besides making your legs look longer, a boot-cut jeans adds an element of fun and flatters most of the body types.


Wide Leg Crop Jeans: Bershka (Similar here & here)

I am totally in love with my new pair of Wide Leg Crop jeans from Bershka. Firstly these are trendy to the T and secondly this silhouette makes me feel super comfortable & confident. Then there is no limit to styling this pair. It is the most versatile piece of denim with countless possibilities allowing me ample opportunity to show off my numerous footwear.


Ripped Hem Kick Flare Jeans: Forever 21 (Similar here)

One of the best things about fashion is that it gives you an opportunity to play around with silhouettes, proportions & textures. A ripped hem kick flare jeans is a perfect example of that! It is a style of denim that is different & statement-making. With the right kind of top & accessories, it is a complete head-turner! Works well with bohemian style of fashion too.

Where you may be owning a few or all the above types, it is very important to choose the right pair of denim depending upon your body type & occasion! Besides having the best fit, your denim should be in the right kind of fabric and texture. After all, its something you live in & breath in almost twelve hours of the day! So go ahead and pick your style from multitude of denim silhouettes easily available online & in retail outlets. Also do write to me and let me know which is your favorite style from the ones listed above 🙂


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