DeeSayz is a minimal fashion & lifestyle style blog founded by Deepali Soni, a resident of millennium city, Gurgaon, INDIA. After having headed a fashion & design institute in the capacity of a Director for about ten years, Deepali felt the need to share her experiences and to educate the world about the finer nuances of fashion. Thus DeeSayz was born!
DeeSayz is a personal style blog aimed at highlighting the best of fashion through inspirational looks, fashion tips, styling ideas and runway trends. Ever since its inception in December, 2015, DeeSayz has built a huge following on social media and in the fashion & design circuit. Deepali’s keen sense of aesthetics coupled with a sharp eye for detail has inspired her to bring forth the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, lifestyle hacks, home decor updates and street style looks through DeeSayz in a simple, easy -to-relate, manner. Simple, beautiful living comes naturally to her! Therefore she is a big proponent of minimal, mindful lifestyle. She strives to drive through to people the benefits of a clean, minimal, focused lifestyle where one owns only the few pieces that one loves and those that truly inspire him and add to his confidence & personality.  Her hard-work & vision advocating minimal style & living to the masses has earned DEESAYZ a position amongst the TOP 30 Minimal Fashion Blogs of 2018.
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