They do not make gifting a luxury, they making gifting a necessity! When you visit , you are forced to make a selection of a gift on even the most regular of days because of the most inviting of gifts at the most affordable of prices. Such is the effect that the … Continue Reading

  It really takes guts to do a deep chocolate or a burgundy wall. Dark walls in deep aged colors, saturated hues, and jewel tones can create a sense of warmth in a room or give it a dramatic update. But if you have somewhere decided to take the plunge, do not retract because let … Continue Reading

As promised, I am back with Part 2 of my three post series of paintings done by me a few months ago. Is it interesting to note that expressionism when combined with pop produces fabulous, vibrant results that brings to life characters, people, feelings & thoughts in an aura where art & reality dissolve into … Continue Reading

  ID was an awakening for me! I was completely and thoroughly transformed from illusion to reality, from books to brick & mortar, from celluloid to corporeal. I was breathing in rooms adorned with abstract Italian marble, paisley silk curtains, folk African pattern bedspreads, huge Spanish artifacts, Victorian couches, modern thin line up-lighters, silver plated … Continue Reading