What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word–Rustic Style Interiors! A rough, raw but pretty picture of all things organic, natural, distressed & dark. Well let it dwell a step further–straight-from-the-earth– as deep as possible because that’s where the endearing style originally came from.Although rustic style started out … Continue Reading

  They do not make gifting a luxury, they making gifting a necessity! When you visit IGP.com , you are forced to make a selection of a gift on even the most regular of days because of the most inviting of gifts at the most affordable of prices. Such is the effect that the IGP.com … Continue Reading

  ID was an awakening for me! I was completely and thoroughly transformed from illusion to reality, from books to brick & mortar, from celluloid to corporeal. I was breathing in rooms adorned with abstract Italian marble, paisley silk curtains, folk African pattern bedspreads, huge Spanish artifacts, Victorian couches, modern thin line up-lighters, silver plated … Continue Reading

  I am sure there have been numerous times when you have opened your closet that has not an inch left for any new addition, yet you have been left thinking the umpteenth time “I have nothing to wear”. Well the good news is you are not alone in facing this dilemma. It has happened to … Continue Reading