I had wanted to do this post ever since my return from the land of camels, colors & customs. A lot has already been said about the wonder land Rajasthan, which exudes richness & royalty from every corner, be it the valuable legacy of kings and the queens, vast expanse of land covered with … Continue Reading

Sometimes holiday season can be the most taxing even though it is supposed to have the opposite effect. From travel plans to dinner parties, from movies to brunches, from battling with the pressures of looking good to fighting colds, holiday season can become less than joyful. But with a few health and wellness self-care routines … Continue Reading

Love JA’s crisp, sassy pieces. Some of my favorites from his Instagram page. Shop here!

BoConcept is a Denmark based company that has been designing and manufacturing concept based furniture for more than 60 years. And Adelaide is the essence of what BoConcept is all about. It´s not just a chair – but a true concept. You can play around and customize it to fit your exact needs & function..whether … Continue Reading