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new order lyrics It really takes guts to do a deep chocolate or a burgundy wall. Dark walls in deep aged colors, saturated hues, and jewel tones can create a sense of warmth in a room or give it a dramatic update. But if you have somewhere decided to take the plunge, do not retract because let me tell you that you have taken your first step towards being unconventional and are very close to a huge deluge of compliments and sheer awesomeness! Color is powerful. It is stimulating, healing, soothing and fun. It is also a big commitment. With the money that you spend on your average living room, buying an armchair in a colorful fabric can be downright terrifying. If it doesn’t work, you are up the creek. That is why most people just follow the beige trend and stay there forever. Not that there is anything wrong with beige! It is a fine neutral color; it just shouldn’t rule your home and keep you away from what I call class & sophistication that comes with darker colors….
Deep colors can be incorporated in any style of interiors making the decor feel cozier & ultra-stylish with a touch of glam. But today we take a step further into how we can combine deep, dark tones of your wall with equally dark-colored furniture & accessories while still maintaining the correct balance, visual appeal and glam factor. Dark accessories with dark walls may seem to be a very daunting idea at first but rest assured, all your doubts will take a back seat if you look at some of the very inspirational room decor styles that follow. Hope you enjoy the sheer aesthetics and a sense of comfort that such a combination of colors brings with it!


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