Post Valentine, I have sort of found myself infused with energy & enthusiasm. No, there has not been much love coming my way that I can attribute my current state to, perhaps just a new kind of enlightenment that is bringing all the positivity and the much-needed momentum. I have been reading and researching in plenty about current fashion trends & lifestyles and about fellow fashion bloggers and their journey, struggles & victories! Some have been very inspirational and informative while others seem to be run-on-the-mill kinds (at least I found them so)! Anyways my journey continues….

Getting back to my haven……

The inspiration behind this post?  My almost three-year old pair of brown suede Forever 21 Oxfords…..the perfect way to get that edgy touch to your attire. Yes, those metal carvings (as layman would call them) are the in-thing this season! Therefore, Go GROMMET…the not so old fashion trend picking up most ferociously on the fashion circuits. Though not much in vogue in India, the fad is certainly gaining momentum among the fashion forward and specially the younger generation who like to be fashion savvy and absolutely up-to-date with latest trends! Grommets or metal eyelets instantly add that funky, industrial edge in a fun, neat & easy way. That little metal detail certainly pulls the eye while giving the whole outfit/ piece of accessory that sharp, daringly innovative feel.




You could grommet just about anything (as you can see in the pictures below)—jacket, dress, skirts, tops, shoes, belts, purses, bags….(I would seriously not be shocked to see skin being grommet-ed on a Ripley’s show soon). Because going by the forecast, grommets are the micro-trend that’s about to blow up in 2016. Designer labels and fast-fashion retailers are already starting to sell some fabulous versions of the trend, so you have plenty of options to choose from. So be ready to prove your mettle or is it metal (pun intended) with this new embellishment in town which is certainly not for the faint-hearted!


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