Where white is a staple color when we talk of summers, an overdose of it can sometimes end up making you look all drab and too too classic. As a blogger and a person driven by fashion, I often see a lot of people going overboard with an all white outfit or its permutations in an attempt to reach out for a summery, classic, style. Well there is nothing wrong if white fascinates you and really brings out the fashionista in you. But there are just a few pointers to keep in mind while styling an outfit with a lot of pieces in white and its derivatives. Let me touch upon them briefly!

—Try to stick to to the same tone of white! It could be milky, off-white, pearl, ivory, snow or frost….Sticking to the same tone tends gives an almost monochromatic feel to the outfit resulting in making you look taller as opposed to wearing different shades from the same family! Like in today’s outfit, my palazzo and jacket are both an ivory shade so both the pieces look like part of the same set.

—If possible, please ensure that both your bottom & top pieces are in the same fabric or at-least similar. The trick is to try to make both the pieces look coordinated. So lets say if you are wearing a white linen/ denim skirt, a matching white linen shirt/ top would go perfectly in creating an illusion of a well coordinated style.

—Introducing a dash of color in an all white outfit, always goes a long way in creating an element of fun! It breaks the monotony of the continuing white while adding an interesting pop to the outfit. For example, I wore my stripe three tone crop top in today’s post in order to steer away from an all white monotone look. You could try a bright bold neck scarf, a colored bustier, a bold color patterned shirt or even just a brightly lit neck-piece.

—Play with colorful statement- making accessories when it comes to bags or footwear. Going all neutral/ white with your accessories will definitely make the look fall flat. Neon pumps, tan belts, blue tote bag, fringe embellishments are a few ways to add excitement & fun to an all white-on-white outfit!

So if you are a die-hard fan of white outfits, there is no reason to lose heart. Follow the above rules and you are bound to create a look that is fun, comfortable and above all built around your favorite color. It is almost like an artist sitting in front of his blank white canvas & roaring to create a masterpiece! So go all out and paint your canvas just the way you like….Because that is exactly the beauty of FASHION!

White Jacket: ONLY | Stripe Crop Top: Zara | White Culottes: Shopper Stop | Pumps: Vicenza ( Similar herehere & here) | Bag: Miniso | Necklace: Lifestyle


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