Pastels for summers may not be the biggest trend this season but it is something that has lasted over the years and does not seem to be fading out any time soon. Pastel colors seem to appear on every display window, mannequin and clothes rail, brightening up monochrome outfits and adding a pop of color to accessories.They have the quality of a certain gentleness and innocence about them. They are soft, subtle & most versatile. They are ladylike and sweet looking hues that can be incorporated with almost any color. Now soft shades & muted tones of pale pink, blue, minty green, lime can be easily mixed and matched with other pastels, as well as neutral hues. No matter, if you are an edgy girl or classy lady, there are easy ways to make these ethereal light hues work for you.Personally, I find these hues extremely sweet, delicate and delicious.


One of my favorite pastels is a muted hue of beige which works magically with combination of white. I created today’s look around similar color palette and incorporated shades of tan & brown with my sandals & bag to make the look more interesting! In another combination, I added metallic sandals in place of the tan ones and the result was quite glamorous. Denims & metallics work great with pastels since they add the fun factor to an otherwise sober look. I made sure I wear a dark glass frame since darker frames make the pastel colors pop. One can always experiment with different shades of pastels to come up with a statement look. Prada has combined yellow and blue pastels, separated by a pink belt. Any combination could work,as long as you’re careful because you don’t want to overdo it. Perhaps stick to two at first, and gradually introduce other colors by accessorizing. And gradually you could work your way up to becoming a pro with this evergreen trend!


Homecoming Dresses

Jumpsuit: AND (Similar here) | White Shrug: H&M (Similar here & here) | Brown Suede Sandal Heels: Forever 21 (Similar here & here) | Brown Bag: Lavie (Similar here, here & here)



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