Wishing you all a happy weekend! Fashion takes an all new dimension when combined with aesthetics. And this Kazo shirt is a perfect example! Airbrushed in myriad colors in an abstract style, its print makes a great statement piece if you are feeling creatively charged up. I wore this look earlier during the week. This … Continue Reading

Accent tables are that part of furniture that no home can do without. Call it functionality, call it luxury, call it decor…you just cannot do without an accent table in your living room. It is as important and as integral a part of furniture as the other core pieces. Functional, stylish and versatile accent tables … Continue Reading

Thank God, the weekend is finally here! Its been a crazy, busy week for me. But fortunately, the sweltering heat has not been able to diminish my spirit in any way.In fact it rises at every step it takes to intimidate me (getting a bit poetic here :)) . With the new-found optimism by my … Continue Reading

I am back with a look that has been on my mind since quite sometime.Inspired by my idol, Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies, who is one of the most talented breakthrough fashion bloggers of the world, this spring look may be a little late but the colors are certainly a big go for the current … Continue Reading