She is a fashion icon in her own right. Vibrant colors, ethnic patterns, kitschy, edgy and absolutely trend-on is how I define Romola’s sartorial sense. At her age where women would normally just pick and don the first thing they see on the hanger, Romola not only puts thought and effort in her dressing but also something more deeper which is her passion for trendy dressing. Here she beautifully displays how her cozy, versatile, orange plaid wrap can be worn in two different styles. She has styled it like a shawl for a more sober look and like a Japanese kimono for a more costume update look. Her military khaki pants and well-coordinated knee-length boots are providing the subtle background for the bright orange & navy wrap to make the statement. Hope you did not miss the ultra-chic brown sunglasses that complete Romola’s brunch outfit for the day!


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