Accent tables are that part of furniture that no home can do without. Call it functionality, call it luxury, call it decor…you just cannot do without an accent table in your living room. It is as important and as integral a part of furniture as the other core pieces. Functional, stylish and versatile accent tables are a perfect way to add character and charisma to the room decor.

There are numerous ways to style an accent table as are its varied types— coffee tables, side tables, console tables, sofa tables, decorative tables, pedestal tables, end tables, rack tables or even wine tables. You may try the following creative ideas for making your accent table the statement piece in your entire room:



These add life to the table and are reflective of your personality. This could be a metallic tree, a Buddha figurine, a wrought iron horse or even a brass palm.


There is nothing better than a beautiful inlay worked/ engraved/ glass base tray that works beautifully to organize your clutter on the coffee table. It clearly transforms the table mess into something visually pleasing and more orderly.


They add the much required warmth and delicacy to the table. The size and shape of the vase/ jar is an important criterion while making the choice.


Besides being functional, these are an important part of the table aesthetics. Whether brass/ iron/ marble stands or simply pillar candles with glass holders, the choice must be made keeping the entire room decor and the table look in mind.


They’re not just for your nightstand. A beloved piece of jewelry and/or memento, like the calligraphy brushes, add flair that’s unique to you. Other pieces could be small handicraft items or even embroidered fabrics placed in a strategic way.


Crystals get an extra boost from glass accents like a bell jar cloche and magnifying glass. The effect is a down-to-earth glimmer. These definitely add an extra edgy look to the table.


It makes for a whimsical, subtly sparkly display that adds that special element of fun and quirkiness to the table.


Go with a matching set of boxes or mix things up. Either way, they lend a major perk: no remote control in sight (but always within easy reach). Keep the overall table tone in mind while deciding on the texture, color and pattern of the storage boxes.


Be creative with the colors and sizes of the books you choose to display on your table. Instead of simply stacking them, consider displaying them out in a neat grid and layering the rest of your pieces on top.


This can be done only if you’re dealing with an ample-sized accent table. You may designate a tray for a select stash of your prettiest bar-ware and cocktail ingredients for that extra punch!



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With the above tips in mind, you can easily a transform a dull, mundane accent table into a conversational piece of art. Do give it a try!

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