I seem to be on a roll after my last post; some renewed energy, some spiritual kick and a whole lot of positive thinking! I hope it’s not a dream but whatever it is, it is suiting me great. My mantra to live by these days–Surrender unto lord and he will take you all the way to your destiny! My destiny, I do not know but I firmly believe that Krishna has always blessed me and I leap forward in life under his warm shelter and grace. The divine has his mysterious ways which we are not aware of but in the end it is nothing but the best!
And now for my look! Stripes have always been my first love and most inspirational in guiding my wardrobe. This one is a go-to stylish woman-at-work office look that is smart, sophisticated and very professional and which may always be dressed down or up depending upon the mood and/or occasion. The loose off-white top fits beautifully over the blue striped pencil skirt making it a little more casual as opposed to a collared button-up shirt which by all means gives the outfit a more structured and polished feel.Clearly, qualities like a dogged work ethic and professionalism get you far but what you wear also makes a major impact on your success.So here I am with am ensemble that takes your work attire to the next level. The Prada handbag adds punch and pulls the whole look together.


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Skirt: Zara (Similar here & here) | Top: Zara Basics (Similar here & here) | Heels: Steve Madden (Similar here) | Handbag: Prada

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