On the onset it may seem a little paradoxical but yes there can be a casual as well as a dressy vibe to any outfit! With my recent drift towards shorts & skirts, I just had an urge to do a bohemian inspired look combining my love for boho with shorts. With whole lot … Continue Reading

Back at India Runway Week, Summer Edition, a few days ago, I was talking on the phone when I noticed her and had to instantly put my call on hold because there was no way I could have missed her. She was certainly screaming of attention in that outfit which apart from being eclectic (with … Continue Reading

  Romola never fails to amaze! With so many highlight points in this classic white shirt + Denim combination, its difficult to pin-point the favorite one! If you note, the cropped denim has a beautiful lace embroidery pattern on the edges giving the jeans that traditional Indian flavor. Talking of accessories, Romola’s slippers with multicolored … Continue Reading

Boho never fails to entice. The freakish vibe about all bohemian inspired looks is quite interesting.This bohemian print inspired wrap/ stole/ scarf is just as exciting and as intriguing as the number of ways that it can be styled in. I present here three-way to style this wrap minimally keeping in tune with the current … Continue Reading