TREE BOMBAY 2015   In the words of Woody Campbell, -” I take at least one photo every day and post it on my site. I upload when I have time, typically six or seven days after the image is captured. I started this project on October 16, 2009 and have posted a picture each … Continue Reading

  I had wanted to do this post ever since my return from the land of camels, colors & customs. A lot has already been said about the wonder land Rajasthan, which exudes richness & royalty from every corner, be it the valuable legacy of kings and the queens, vast expanse of land covered with … Continue Reading

  What is making all the difference to an otherwise plain and clean look is the accent hat. I captured her look on my recent visit to Jantar Mantar , Jaipur. Love the way the lady has folded her hands in peace and complete warmth. Though her overall disposition is quite calming and serene, the … Continue Reading