Rahgu’s style statement is not his slick clothing but his ease of manners and down-to-earth persona. Contrary to his rough and brash sensibilities as seen on the hugely popular MTV show, Roadies, Raghu comes across as a very warm, amiable and a grounded person. Dark, earthy, bold colors and an earring in his left … Continue Reading

  He was shocked at the prospect of being clicked. Little did he know he was making a fashion statement worthy of recognition. Not everyone can carry a red polka dot shirt with skinny jeans, a prominent Mohawk and a to-die-for smile in a single look with such flair and passion. He dressed for himself, … Continue Reading

Hello everyone! How has 2017 been so far? A trip to Jaipur, Rajasthan, my dream destination, and I can only call it a great and humble beginning for me. So much to see, so much to gather, so much to imbibe….Rajasthan is that part of India which so naturally portrays the essence of what real … Continue Reading

  Traveling photographer, Thomas Barbéy uses his keen, artistic eye & aesthetics to see the world a little differently than the rest of us. Along his travels, Barbéy proceeds to capture a variety of scenic images, still life, and portraiture, mixing and matching them all into some wildly creative composites. His resulting manipulated photo montages … Continue Reading