generic cytotec without prescription Back at India Runway Week, Summer Edition, a few days ago, I was talking on the phone when I noticed her and had to instantly put my call on hold because there was no way I could have missed her. She was certainly screaming of attention in that outfit which apart from being eclectic (with … Continue Reading

  The time is just right for this post when the weather is providing the perfect opportunity to sport an all denim look. Denim is a perfect piece of fabric from the comfort point of view plus the casual vibes that it naturally gives. Not to forget the classic, evergreen quality! Now what’s new about … Continue Reading

Festivity is around the corner. October apparently takes us back to our Indian roots in the form of rich Indian festivals bringing us a step closer to our Indian culture & age-old customs.Every Dussehra and every Diwali, I get to learn at-least one fact whether mythological, spiritual or religious that has a very profound meaning … Continue Reading