Back at India Runway Week, Summer Edition, a few days ago, I was talking on the phone when I noticed her and had to instantly put my call on hold because there was no way I could have missed her. She was certainly screaming of attention in that outfit which apart from being eclectic (with … Continue Reading

Mystery lies in the details! Here it lies in his attitude. Part happy, part agitated, part roving….this man was certainly difficult to conjecture. But as far as his bold and vibrant fashion choices are concerned, he has not left any detail unattended be it his carrot orange vest with color-coordinated suede shoes and that little … Continue Reading

  She could not have been possibly missed at the recently concluded India Design 2017. One look at her and I knew I had to capture her bohemian, vagabond, maverick style! Whether it be her linen layered skirt sari drape (with the tasseled edges) , the black T-shirt blouse, the fringe bag, huge danglers or … Continue Reading