Having recently returned from a holiday in Singapore, I believe that this post makes a lot of sense for anyone planning a vacation! Where vacation comes with a lot of fun & excitement, there is also this pressure of looking trendy, being perfectly holiday ready and putting your best foot forward.Though this may seem easy in the beginning, it can be quite a daunting task and truly overwhelming too. In an attempt to make it simpler, I have come up today with top 8 holiday essentials that you must pack in your suitcase without a second thought. It does not matter whether you are size 8 or size 18, these 8 bare essentials will make sure you are fully covered. So let us dig into these right away…..

A pair of Denim Jeans/ Skirt is almost like a holiday staple. You can dress them up, dress them down or simply be! You don’t have to think twice when donning anything with a pair of denim jeans/ skirt. Most comfortable and totally go-to!

A comfortable pair of Shorts is a sure shot way to scream vacation. Denim, cotton, skin hugging, bermudas, hot pants, knotted,….whatever your style, there is nothing more holiday appropriate or comfortable!

Floral Top instantly lifts your mood from the mundane to the tropical. With many floral prints ranging from small cute floral to bold & bright vibrant prints, you simply need to pick your style. It is like packing a sure shot punch of liveliness into your vacation!

Easy Breezy Day Dress is a must whether you are visiting the beachy Maldives or the cosmopolitan New Your City. No holiday is ever complete without that one comfortable day dress that effortlessly gets you in the mode!

Formal Evening Dress is a definite yes for any vacation. Though many of you may argue that a formal dress may seem redundant but you could always up dining in one of the top restaurants of the city or may just have a last minute plan of going to the pub or dancing!

Junk Jewelry is a short shot way of adding funk & zest to even the simplest of outfits. And what better than a vacation to unleash that bohemian streak inside you and get all experimental with statement neck pieces and bold earrings. Go out & get all wild…it’s a holiday after all…..

Comfortable pair of Sneakers is essential when it comes to any kind of vacation. Where you need to walk huge distances from amusement parks to malls or hotel to parking lots or from beaches to markets, you have to make sure that you are wearing the most comfortable pair of shoes. Else you may just end up having a sore feet!

Spacious Hand Bag/ Tote is unarguably the most important accessory for any travel plan! Your wallet, credit cards, cellphone, charger, wet wipes, sunglasses, lip gloss,….the list is endless. The only most important pre- requisite is that the bag that you choose should be able to compartmentalize your stuff and not be too heavy on your shoulders.

This basically completes my list of top 8 Must Haves for any vacation! I hope I have made the task of holiday packing just a tad bit lighter and this post will be able to give you some basic guideline for your holiday wardrobe essentials. Do let me know in the comments below!


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