The downpour has totally engulfed me in its scented freshness of water and mystique.Every rain brings with it a new set of smiles, a new ray of hope, a titillation of dance & frenzy, a musical harmony, some fulfilled and some unfulfilled desires and a whole lot of emotions and excitement that are totally unaccounted for.Such is the effect of rain on me…sheer magic and bliss! And the last weekend was no different. I had a fabulous time in the rain with the love of my life, my younger one, Deeya who is about seven & a half years old and quite a fashionista already! We walked, we danced, we played, we splashed water, we did just about everything we could with the shower…it was indeed one of my best times in the last few days.

While Deeya is in Zara Kids from top to bottom minus the sandals which are from a store in Delhi, Hang-out, I am in a semi-formal attire since initially the plan was to visit a friend’s place in Delhi.But rain changed it all or rather I should say that the fun of rain changed it all at the last minute.And I thank God for the phenomenal amount of excitement and pleasure we shared this weekend. So here are some random pics of our weekend and the rain….


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Top: AND | Pants: Zara (Similar here, here & here) | Shoes: Forever 21 (Similar here also) | Bag: Lavie (Similar here, here & here)

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